Thursday, 2 August 2012

Rainbownista is HERE!!!!

Hello everyoneeee! today i am officially launching Rainbownista blogspot, well actually memang lah tak reti sangat guna blog2 nih, but i'll try okay :))

Many of you may wondering, 'apa benda lah rainbownista nih?? ice cream paddle pop tuh ke? or cake ke?' hehe, Rainbownista is actually a clothing product that comes with many2 colorful choices, soooo that's why its 'rainbow' macam2 color ada yawww~ and 'Nista' is well i think most of you tahu lah kan, 'fashionista' so i change it into 'Rainbownista' hehe

We sell clothing at a very reasonable and affordable price with superb quality, Soooo, do support and shop with us to look awesome-posum yaww! 


Yours Truly,
Nina Farina

Twitter: @rainbownista13
Facebook: rainbownista
Instagram: @rainbownista13

Twitter: @ninafarina13
Facebook: Nina Farina

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